Notice Of Bylaw Change

In the May 2016 meeting of the Cass County Electric board of directors, an amendment was made to Article II, Section 2.7 (A) (i.) of the Cooperative’s bylaws. The amendment defines that a list of Cass County Electric Cooperative members required to receive notice of the cooperative’s Annual Member Meeting shall be procured 14 days…
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Transmission lines

How And Why We Keep Your Beverages Cold!

by Marshal Albright, President/CEO – Cass County Electric Cooperative Editorial from the June/July issue of Highline Notes  Do you ever wonder where the electricity comes from to power your life’s conveniences? When your alarm wakes you in the morning and you flip on the light switch in your bathroom and take a warm shower, then…
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Liberty dragline at Center coal mine

When It Comes To Coal, The United States Needs To Lead

by Jason Bohrer, president – Lignite Energy Council Originally posted on Morning Consult This Administration’s “War on Coal” seems a misguided way to lead the world when it comes to tomorrow’s energy sources. Countries around the world are increasingly looking at coal because it is the cheapest source of fuel that can be used to…
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Students learn about electricity

Teaching For Tomorrow

Education that Works prepares a 21st century workforce Think back to your time in school for a minute. Do you recall ever thinking to yourself (or perhaps loudly asking the teacher) “when are we ever going to use this?” No matter the subject in question or whether or not you actually have ended up using…
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CCEC lineman with student

Building Community

by Marshal Albright, President/CEO – Cass County Electric Cooperative Editorial from the May issue of Highline Notes This is my first editorial as your new CEO and I thought the subject of building community was a good start. In our area of the world we are blessed with great people, a strong business climate, some…
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