Interactive Voice Response & Outage Management System

At Cass County Electric Cooperative, we pride ourselves on our service reliability. Last year, the average CCEC member had power 99.9911 percent of time. However, outages still happen, and responding to them is just as important as preventing them. Trained staff who work around-the-clock and high-tech tools help CCEC restore power safely and quickly when it does go out.

When members call in to report an outage, our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system uses the phone number they call from to feed account information into the Outage Management System (OMS). When power control techs are occupied or the phone lines are all busy, the IVR still collects outage info.

Power control
Neil Niskanen, power control technician, keeps an eye on CCEC’s system.

The info is used by OMS to help pinpoint the location of the outage—this is why we encourage members to have current phone numbers on file. While outage calls continue to come in, power control techs assemble a response crew and direct them to the location of the outage using the information provided by OMS. General information about the outage location is also displayed on the public outage viewer, giving members a picture of the affected area. Once power control techs confirm the outage and have enough information about what’s happening, they can send automated mass text and email messages to notify affected members that CCEC is working to fix the problem.

Once a crew is on their way to the outage, the power control techs handle other duties like alerting other CCEC employees and local media, taking additional incoming member calls, and helping the restoration crew in any way possible.

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