Pink flowers

A Way Through

Women’s Way offers support for cancer screening and treatment The inside of Kristi Lee-Weyrauch’s office is adorned with pink. Cancer awareness ribbons line the walls and cabinets on posters, cards, and other decorations. Just by stepping inside her office, it’s clear who she is fighting for and what she is fighting against. As the Women’s…
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You’re Not Alone In The Dark

Power outages are never convenient. It takes a lot of hands to keep your power on, and even more hands to get it up and running when an outage occurs. Cass County Electric Cooperative works hard to restore your electric service when outages occur, but there are necessary steps to take to ensure that power…
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North Dakota wind turbines

Energy Mix Gets “Breezier”

Energy from the new Oliver III wind farm began flowing into the Minnkota Power Cooperative-Northern Municipal Power Agency (NMPA) system in January. Minnkota is the power supplier for Cass County Electric Cooperative and its 47,000 active accounts. Following several months of construction during fall 2016, approximately 44 GE turbines south of Center, N.D., are became…
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Nick Wiens & Bjorn Solberg

From Farm To Plate

Ewetopian Farms brings more local foods to the table Bjorn Solberg and Nicholas Wiens didn’t always see themselves as farmers. The two became friends while attending Concordia College, where Solberg majored in education and Wiens in biology. With a shared sense of entrepreneurship, the pair knew they wanted to start a business. Their education and…
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Interactive Voice Response & Outage Management System

At Cass County Electric Cooperative, we pride ourselves on our service reliability. Last year, the average CCEC member had power 99.9911 percent of time. However, outages still happen, and responding to them is just as important as preventing them. Trained staff who work around-the-clock and high-tech tools help CCEC restore power safely and quickly when…
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