Interactive Voice Response & Outage Management System

At Cass County Electric Cooperative, we pride ourselves on our service reliability. Last year, the average CCEC member had power 99.9911 percent of time. However, outages still happen, and responding to them is just as important as preventing them. Trained staff who work around-the-clock and high-tech tools help CCEC restore power safely and quickly when…
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The “good” Power Outages

At times, power outages may seem like the bane of an electric cooperative. They can happen unexpectedly, causing inconvenience and a disruption to daily life. Cass County Electric’s line crews and power control technicians work to get power restored safely and as quickly as possible when outages happen. After all, no one likes being literally…
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Giving Tree of Hope

Editorial: Giving Back

by Marshal Albright, president/CEO, Cass County Electric Cooperative One of the most important values we live by at Cass County Electric Cooperative (CCEC) is giving back to the communities we serve. We fulfill this commitment by volunteering to support local events and non-profits and assisting in the administration of a membership-supported foundation called Operation Round…
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Electricity meters

What Do You Know About Load Control?

For many of us, thinking about our electricity only goes about as deep as expecting the light to come on when we flip the switch. There is really a lot that goes into it though, and there are hundreds of dedicated professionals working to ensure that the lights do indeed come on and that electricity…
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Veterans substation

Powering A Growing Area

There is a lot of variety within a growing region. Homes, shops, restaurants, schools, and churches pop up all around, and when people who left the area years ago come back, they find themselves wondering if they have accidentally returned to the wrong place. They haven’t, it’s just different. Some things stay the same amidst…
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